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Born in the red state of Ohio and living in the blue state of California, Comedian Rajiv Satyal thinks his little show may be just what we need to save the empire.

The Man in the Middle Tour

The debut at the Comedy & Magic Club lounge in Hermosa Beach, CA, sold out in June, and the followup at Dynasty Typewriter, a hip new venue, went great in October. It has also been well-received in blue states like Illinois, New Jersey, and New York, and in red states like Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Texas... and most recently at the House of Representatives.


I am American is a love letter to my country and something I deliver as part of The Man in The Middle. America, I love you.

Watch this clip from The Man in the Middle's sold-out debut show in LA.

"Great Job! Very insightful and funny stuff."


"I was nervous bc politics. But right away, everyone was laughing and knew it was going to be OK. Loved the '80s/'90s references."


"Put all of your energy into this show. I've never seen you be more authentically you. Also - you totally feel and look like Indian Larry David up there."


"Hey, that was an awesome show! You nailed the delivery. It was funny, insightful, and provocative. You obviously spent a lot of time researching and preparing and it showed."


"What a wonderful show and fantastic performance! Super duper impressed!"

-Justin (another)

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Rajiv holding a pencil

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